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Bible Study Series

Wednesday at 10:00am in the CCUMC Fellowship Room (basement level)

Bible Study explores theological concepts, character studies, practical application and spiritual growth. It is tailored to the congregation's needs to engage with the Scriptures and apply their teachings in a relevant and transformative way.


Each 6-week series is exciting, informative and a way to make new friends.

Friday Morning TGIF Breakfast - 9:00am-Fellowship Room (basement level)

The Friday morning breakfast is a way to foster fellowship, provide spiritual nourishment and offer support and encouragement. It is a time for individuals to gather and connect as well as grow in their faith.  Everyone is welcome!

Men's Bible Study - each Saturday at 8:00am via  

The men's Bible study seeks to create a space where men can grow spiritually, develop godly character and build meaningful relationships. It is a focused and intentional opportunity for men to engage with Scripture, learn from one another and be transformed by the power of God's Word. 

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