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The Cedaredge Methodist Episcopal Church was founded Feb 26, 1897 under the direction of Rev. Jim Wood, pastor of the Delta Methodist Episcopal Church.  There were 16 original members.  The new church met at the home of Ernest Stolte north of Cedaredge.  Rev. Wood served the new church until April 1898 when F.A. Briggs was appointed pastor.

The first church building was a log structure built in 1898 from logs cut and brought down from Grand Mesa.  It was located across the road from the Stolte home.  In 1906 the building was moved onto the school grounds in town. By 1914 the church had outgrown the log building and it was sold to the school district.  Services were then held in the hall above the State Bank.  The church moved to The Tabernacle half a block south of the current building.  The Rock Church was built by members and community volunteers.  The first service was held there in 1921.

On February 26, 1917 the Methodist Church joined with the Cedaredge Community Church to become the Cedaredge Community Methodist Church. 

In 1987 the Good As New project was undertaken to freshen up the tired building.  Devastatingly, on August 5th, 1989 a fire started in the wiring and burned the inside of the church building.  Pastor Mike Morgan rallied the members and reconstruction was begun.  During reconstruction the membership met at the Adventist Church. August 5th, 1990 members rose from the ashes and again worshiped in their beloved rock church on the corner.  In 1996 a memorial project was begun to replace the stained glass windows in the church.  Families purchased windows in memory of a loved one.  With that project the church became the beautiful structure it is today and one can witness the stained glass windows telling the stories of Jesus.


To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


“In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; and in all things charity (love).”

                                                                                          - John Wesley


“You shall love God and your neighbor and yourself.”


Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

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