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Clergy & Staff

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Pastor Bob Anders

Pastor Bob is a retired Army nurse with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and a professor emeritus of nursing from the University of Texas at El Paso.  He is dedicated to the Cedaredge Community United Methodist Church and deeply committed to serving the church and its mission of creating missionaries of Jesus Christ to transform the world.  With a servant's heart and a passion for ministry, Pastor Bob has faithfully supported the congregation in various administrative and spiritual duties. 

Pastor Bob has assisted with the church's day-to-day operations related to the spiritual mission, ensuring these tasks are managed efficiently. His organizational skills and diligence have been invaluable in maintaining smooth operations and supporting the mission of the church.

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 Jane C. Cable

Worship Team Leader

Chairperson of Staff-Parish Relations Committee


Retiring after 35 years as an English teacher / supervisor and Assistant Principal for Curriculum in a faith-based secondary school, Jane brings her leadership skills in personnel relations to the CCUMC Roundtable.  While instructing and guiding others, she also advanced her own knowledge by earning three Masters degrees with the last one being an MA in Theology.  The in-depth study of Biblical scriptures and Christian history have enhanced her contributions to the Wednesday Bible Study program with Brother Bob Anders leads and to retreat programs for the community.

Jane is dedicated to the mission of Cedaredge Community United Methodist Church in welcoming all who enter our doors.  Her experiences as a leader in a faith-based school have honed her skills in communication, organization, and fostering collaborative environments.  She also understands the importance of encountering others "where they are" and nurturing their individual spiritual growth and well-being.  Jane strives to support the church staff in their ministry and to help them flourish in their rolls.

As chairperson of SPRC, Jane seeks to foster open communications and to create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration.  She values the input of the staff and the congregation, working diligently to make certain their voices are heard and their concerns and needs are addressed.  Through her own business as an educational consultant and grant-writer, she knows their concerns.  Jane Cable plays a vital role in the spiritual growth and well-being of CCUMC.  Her dedication to faith, education, and service makes her an asset to the SPRC and the church community.


 Karen Kline

Karen is a devoted worship leader and Round Table Chair (administrative council) at Cedaredge Community United Methodist Church.  With a deep passion for worship and a heart for serving the church community, Karen has played a vital role in guiding and facilitating the church's worship experiences.

As a Worship Leader, Karen brings her creativity, musical talents and spiritual insight to lead congregational worship services.  She cultivates an atmosphere of praise, inviting worshipers to encounter God and deepen their connection.


LGBTQ+ Outreach Advocate

Cedaredge Community United Methodist Church Seeks LGBTQ+ Outreach Advocate (Part-Time Paid Position)

"Where is the Love Ministries" at Cedaredge Community United Methodist Church is launching a new initiative to support and empower LGBTQ+ individuals in our community. Led by Pastor Bob and his husband, we're seeking a passionate advocate for a part-time paid position to help develop and implement this important program.

Our Mission:

We strive to answer the question, "Where is the love?" with concrete, action-oriented responses. Our LGBTQ+ Outreach Project aims to create a community where God's love, acceptance, and justice are lived realities for everyone.

Project Goals:

- Create a safe, welcoming space for LGBTQ+ community members within our church

- Offer Christ-centered support, fellowship, and affirming spiritual guidance

- Develop programs that celebrate the God-given worth and dignity of LGBTQ+ individuals

We're looking for a candidate with:

- A heart for LGBTQ+ support and Christian ministry

- Strong interpersonal and communication skills

- Experience in program development and community outreach

- Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment

This is a unique opportunity to put faith into action and make a real difference in people's lives. Pastor Bob and his husband are excited to move this ministry forward and look forward to working with a dedicated advocate to bring this vision to life.

We encourage you to apply if you're committed to fostering a loving, inclusive Christian community for all and are interested in this part-time paid position.

To learn more or express interest, please send your resume and a brief statement of interest to [insert contact information]. All inquiries will be handled with discretion and respect for privacy.

Together, we can build a church and community where ALL of God's children feel loved and accepted.

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