Companion God, help me make still waters.

This week’s breath prayer comes from Al Stohler and is based on Psalm 23:2 from the New Revised Standard Version. The prayer is:

Companion God,

help me make still waters.

A breath prayer is a short prayer — a sentence or less — that you can memorize then pray throughout the day wherever you are. It is a style of prayer from early Christian times that remains as powerful today as ever. You can speak the words aloud or to yourself toward a goal of unceasing prayer and a continuing connection to God amid the joys and challenges of daily living.


Members of Cedaredge Community United Methodist Church have shared breath prayers based on Scripture passages that have special meaning in their lives. Wednesday of each week, we are offering a new breath prayer for you to pray for a week. If you would like to submit a prayer, please email it to Dana Jones at:


We hope these prayers will have power in your life and in our collective life as a congregation.


Psalm 23:2 (New Revised Standard Version) says:

…God makes me lie down in green pastures;

God leads me beside still waters…