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Pastor Karen Hurst 

Rev. Karen Hurst was called to ministry after having worked as a Speech Pathologist for 15 years in the Ripley County School Corporation in Versailles, Indiana. In 1988, she left Indiana to attend Iliff School of Theology.  Her intention was to complete her schooling and return to Indiana to serve as a pastor there, but she never made it for Colorado had her heart.


She became an Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church in 1994 and served churches in Colorado.   During her career she served Grace United Methodist Church in Denver, Colorado, North Park Community Church in Walden, Colorado, Yuma United Methodist Church in Yuma, Colorado, and Crossroads United Methodist Church in Grand Junction, Colorado.  She retired after 21 years of ministry in 2013.  


Since retirement she has served part time at Friendship United Methodist Church in Craig, Colorado and Delta United Methodist Church in Delta, Colorado.


She came to Cedaredge Community United Methodist Church in July 2022.  She was drawn to the Cedaredge Community United Methodist Church because it is a welcoming and inclusive church welcoming people of all heritages, races, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, ideologies, education, economic status, political affiliation and physical and mental abilities.  She is committed to leading the congregation in this path. 


She has been appointed one-quarter time at Cedaredge Community United Methodist Church. An appointment of this type gives lay people of the congregation leadership roles in worship and they are doing an excellent job.


The Cedaredge Community United Methodist Church works hard to share in activities that bring people together; to enjoy being together and value each other.  It’s important to include everyone.  


We are dedicated to reaching out and making a difference in our community and in the world. 

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